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What steps should I be teaching my children if I am unconscious at home?

Does your child know what to do if you are lying unconscious at home or if your child’s grandparents are lying on the floor and they are looking after them?

  1. Teach them how to use the home phone and your mobile phone. Do they know how to access the emergency call button on your mobile phone without needing to know your passcode or face ID?

  2. Make sure that they know the emergency number to call and follow the directions of the operator. Remind them to never hang up the phone as the operator will keep talking to help them.

  3. Does your child know your address to tell the ambulance/dispatcher?

  4. Do they know how to unlock the front or back door to allow access for the ambulance to get to you?

  5. Teach your child how to try to wake you up – call out to you and gently shake you.

  6. Teach your child how to check your breathing because the ambulance officer will be asking that question. Luckily the ambulance will guide your child to do this but it is always better if they already know how to do it.

  7. Teach your child how to try to push you onto your side. If you have done a first aid course then it is called the Recovery Position or Lateral Position. This will help to keep your breathing if you are unconscious as there is always risk of choking if you are laying unconscious on your back.

  8. The most important skill to teach them is to never hang up the phone. Usually the ambulance will have the number and can call back. The ambulance are wonderful people and never be afraid of them.

  9. Are you kids friends with the neighbours? It would be great to chat to them too so they can help to call for help. They may even know how to do First Aid.

  10. Make the learning fun for them by playing games or mock scenarios with that emergency. Make sure to reinforce the skills so they don’t forget.

As Finlay the First Aid Bear says: Learning Safety can be Bear-y fun too!!

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