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Strange Noises in the night!!!! And it is cold!! Always be prepared for the unexpected.

Poor little Evee is frightened in Finlay the First Aid Bear Book One "The Dare to Golden Mountain". What are those strange noises that she is hearing in the dark. Even Finlay isn't sure about one of the noises that he has never heard before when he was camping with the Wilderness Warriors. Not only is Evee a little sore from her cut on her paw, her grazes on her knees and her blisters on her feet from walking through the woods, but now she is scarred of the night. It is also very cold coming into Winter very soon. To prevent Evee from catching a cold or freezing through the night, Finlay the first aid bear knows how to prevent the condition called "hypothermia". In Book One, both Finlay and Evee build a cosy Tepee for shelter in the night and lay down large leaves to protect them from the cold ground. Lucky Finlay has packed his first aid kit and wraps them both up with a special blanket called an "Emergency or Thermal" Blanket. This blanket is very similar to tin foil and helps to reflect your own body heat and prevents it from escaping. The best source of heat to keep them both warm during the cold night is body heat. So Finlay wraps himself up close to Evee and cuddles her while they sleep. Always be prepared for any emergencies and unexpected events that can happen in your journeys or adventures. Always have your first aid kit, water, food, adequate clothing and a mobile phone when things don't go as they plan. Stay tuned for book 2 to find out what happens after the cold night in the woods.

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