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First Aid educational books for children

Finlay the First Aid Bear HD Book Trailer

About Finlay The First Aid Bear

Finlay the First Aid Bear is no ordinary bear. Finlay loves going on adventures and exploring the big wide world! Even when his friends are playing, he is off somewhere in the woods, exploring.


Finlay loves his home in Windy Falls Woods. The Woods has lots of trees, caves, a large creek and is surrounded by beautiful mountains. The tallest and most beautiful mountain is Golden Mountain.

Finlay often goes to the library and reads books on famous bear explorers. He joined the Wilderness Warriors when he was a young cub, and learnt lots of skills. Finlay learnt how to start a fire, how to build a shelter and how to catch fish. He also learnt how to do First Aid.


Finlay knows what to do if he hurts his paw, gets a cut or if a snake bites him while adventuring in the woods. He also knows it is important to help others.


Finlay is excited to share his First Aid skills with you!

001_finlay walking_flat.jpg

Learn along with reading the book! Help Finlay and Evee on their grand adventure!

Finlay loves to Blog



Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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