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Welcome to all the Little Helpers that would like to be just like Finlay and Evee.

Finlay says "Hi" to all the new people who have joined him and his little sister Evee on their journey to Golden Mountain. Finlay looks forward to posting more information on the first aid skills that he performs in his first book. He would like all the children in the world to know how to do some basic first aid to help their family and friends if needed in an emergency. The most important phrase to remember when calling for help is:

  1. CALL the emergency number in your country. Do you know what it is? Is it 000 (triple zero), 911, 112 ......

  2. SAY "I need an ambulance"

  3. WAIT until you hear the ambulance officer's voice.

  4. STAY on the phone and answer the questions as best you can. Never hang up!

Ambulance officers are friendly and will help you in any emergency situation. Listen to them carefully and try not to panic just like Finlay tries to stay calm in an emergency. Even Finlay can get scared, but he knows that if he panics then things can go wrong and he can forget what he needs to do in an emergency. He also needs to stay calm so his little sister Evee doesn't become more frightened and scared. Remember "Call, Say, Wait, Stay".

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