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Uh Oh!! What has Finlay forgotten?

Finlay the first aid bear is a very clever teenage bear when it comes to knowing first aid. He learnt first aid when he was with the Wilderness Warriors and loves to help other animals when they are injured. The most important skill that Finlay learnt from his first aid course is how to call for an ambulance in an emergency. Finlay learnt 4 very important words "Call, Say, Wait, Stay":

1. Call the emergency number of your country (do you know what it is? Is it 000, 911, 112 or another number). Lucky Finlay knows the emergency number of the Windy Falls Woods.

2. Say that you need an ambulance (or you might even need the police or fire brigade).

3. Wait until you are connected to the operator's (ambulance dispatcher) voice.

4. Stay on the phone and answer the operator's questions as best as you can. Do not hang up until you are told to by the emergency person on the phone.

When Finlay goes on adventures he is very good at knowing what to pack such as food, water, torch, map, compass, phone and his first aid kit. But in his haste to leave to the Golden Mountain to catch delicious Salmon with Evee, Finlay has forgotten a couple of very important items! If you have read Finlay the First Aid Bear Book One "The Dare To Golden Mountain", make a comment in this blog on the two important items that Finlay forgot to pack.

The book is available on Amazon via this link:

The song to help remember on how to call for help is "Call, Say, Wait, Stay" is available from any major streaming platform such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Apple music. Written by Luella Stanley & Dani Mathewson & @Yoursongmaker. The words to the song are on the website (under downloads).

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