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Did you know that a number of items in the first aid kit can be used for multiple injuries?

Finlay always makes sure that he has a few Triangular Bandages on hand in his first aid kit when he goes on adventures. The triangular bandage has many uses to treat injuries including slings to keep sore arms, wrists, elbows and shoulders from moving. They can also be used folded as a bandage to stop bleeding or to hold a dressing in place. Another good use of the triangular bandage is to use to stop a limb (leg or arm) from moving after a snake bite. There is one injury that Finlay's sister Evee has in Finlay the First Aid Bear Book One "The Dare to Golden Mountain" that he could use a triangular bandage for if he didn't have a pad in his first aid kit - can you guess which injury he could have used it for? Please comment if you have read the book.

There are other items in the first aid kit that can double up for different injuries so you don't need to carry a very big first aid kit with you when you go on adventures. Such as the following:

  1. Eye pad - an oval shaped pad to cover an eye injury but it is also thick enough to apply pressure with on a bleeding wound such as Evee's bad cut from tripping over a rock.

  2. Roller bandages - can be used to place on top of a pad to stop bleeding, to help stop a sore arm, wrist, elbow, knee or ankle from moving if it is injured, to treat a snake bite on a limb such as an arm and leg, and also as a pad (unrolled) straight on top of a wound to stop bleeding!

  3. Saline - a special mixture of salt and water that can used to clean a wound (like Finlay does on Evee's cuts and grazes) but can also be used to rinse some dirt out of an eye.

Can you name any other items in the first aid kit that has more than one use for an injury? Please comment if you do!

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